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MIC102G (short course)

A Short (4 day) Programming Crash Course: This class was designed as an aid to those new to programming. We use the JavaScript language although the class focus is programming fundamentals. Please study the following class syllabus, as it explains the goals and context of this class. Yes, there will be a test: MIC102G Syllabus

JavaScript Is A Scripting Language: JavaScript code (on the client side) is embedded directly into the HTML page, usually in the <head> tag. Scripting languages are different than compiled languages, because the code is read, and compiled on the fly, making the code inherently slower than a compiled language. Scripting languages however can be more easily changed with a simple text editor, and do not need to go through the compilation process. Scripting languages are usually sufficiently fast for web pages. Please study more about JavaScript Fundamentals at the following page: JavaScript Introduction

A JavaScript Presentation: Another good resource in our crash course of programming (using JavaScript as our vehicle) is a JavaScript Introductory Presentation.

Troubleshooting: When we program we get ourselves into trouble. However it is also our job to determine a way out. View the following link on some advice for TroubleShooting JavaScript

JavaScript Object Model: Most programming languages have built in mechanisms to make our work as programmers easier. One such mechanism are objects in which code for related tasks are presented to us in one convenient place. However, is it convenient to have so many objects that it is hard to keep track? If only we had an easy model of our available objects in JavaScript to make our lives easier. Oh, wait, we do: JavaScript Object Model

Evaluation Form: When we work with JavaScript we usually need to build our code into pages to test. This is inconvenient in a class such as this since we want to study the fundamentals of programming, not build web pages. Therefore you can run all your exercises to test in the following Evaluation Form

More?: Once the sign in sheet is processed, we'll be coming back and logging into the page at this web address to take tests view assignments, etc. The website is scheduled to be ready for Wednesday's class.

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