Below are various links for designing the skin on Tony's chat page.

You can click below to see the empty skin, as it looks now:

The above link is for testing purposes.

Next is the admin link to Pulpchat:

Login is: harleymatch

Password is: harleylover

In the Preferences Control Panel, you can:
- Set your time zone offset
- Change the default room name
- Choose the type of login (no password, optional, or required)
- Turn other features on or off.

In the Layout Control Panel, you can:
- Set the colors for text, sender's name, screen names, room name, etc.
- Adjust the size and position of the message area, user list, scrollbars, etc.
- Turn "smileys", "font", "print", "rooms", and "help" buttons on or off

In the User Manager, you can:
- Register screen names with passwords and personal icons
- See who is currently in your chat, and their IP address
- Kick or ban users, or ban IP addresses
- Assign "Moderator" status to other registered users.

Last but not least is the FAQ that has the most info about the "skin", scroll bar, buttons, etc:

Includes links to blank .psd files for buttons, skin, etc. plus descriptions on what to do for skin, etc.

Once the skin is done, I'll contact Pulpchat and have them install the skin.

Tony's link still has the old chat up for reference:

It also has the old "juiced" chat working, if you need to reference it for size, etc.

Let me know if you need any more info!!

Love you!!