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A truly discriminating user has graced our site!!

While you were browsing our site we could not help but notice that a discriminating user like you has selected LemmingSoft Internet Exposer to view our web pages!

While we were very certain that you were a highly skilled web surfer by the mere fact that you have chosen our humble site, once we noticed that you were using LemmingSoft Internet Exposer to deftly navigate our pages that you were either bolder than most, or perhaps have been following the examples of millions of people who have fallen into the same browsing habits!

We hope you enjoy your stay on our website, and would like to let you know that our siteYes, that is a lemming - with an attitude! has been optimized for LemmingSoft Internet Exposer, which is a good thing, considering the risks involved!

You're a LemmingSoft Man!! (er..) User!!

(PS: Viewing the source code won't help with the assignment.)


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