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WEB150 Intro To JavaScript


On to jQuery!

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Sunday, 06/03/2012

More jQuery!: Tomorrow we'll continue work on the jQuery Intro we started last week. Please continue from there to the jQuery Applied page!

We'll use our new js template (v4 - designed for jQuery projects) and learn about out last assignment tomorrow!

Back To The Book! Our book skips the DOM but does a great job on jQuery! Please continue the jQuery coverage started on chapter 4 and study chapters 5 & 6 from our book!

Working on A6 grading now: I'll email when I'm done grading A6.

Need Help Troubleshooting?: If you need help with your JS code between classes, please send me an email with a link to your page on the web. I'll open up your page in Firefox and help you troubleshoot.

Tutoring Lab: We have tutoring available 4x per week:

 Your To Do List  

Week 10 Study: Last week we started on jQuery. Please study the jQuery Intro page and continue to the jQuery Applied page. Also remember our book has great coverage of jQuery, starting with Chapter 4!

Complete and Link Week 10 Class Exercises by Next Saturday Midnight: Remember to get your class exercises complete and linked from your main google doc before midnight Saturday. If you missed a day of class, you will need to go back and do the exercises you missed. Your exercises must be linked and complete, and there are no re-grades for these!

Questions? Email!


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Class Overview:

This course focuses on the use of JavaScript and Dynamic HTML for creating web sites. Students will learn to manipulate and control XHTML pages with JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets.

This course will build a foundation of skills to enable students to build custom code, or adapt other code as available in books or on the web.

The course will cover event handlers (such as mouse overs), standard and custom functions, form validation, string handling, the document object model (DOM), arrays, objects and implementing JavaScript APIs.

Here's a topical outline of items to be covered:


PREREQ: WEB110 with a 2.0 or better (Can be waived with instructor's permission)

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