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Day 7: Arrays/Random Number Generator

Arrays: There are times that we want to create groups of variables, but don't want to (or won't be able to) take the time and trouble to name each variable. For this purpose, we can create groups of related variables called Arrays.

Creating an array, and putting values into the related variables is simple:

var myArray = new Array();

myArray[0] = "Huey";

myArray[1] = "Dewey";

myArray[2] = "Louie";

var myOutput = "Donald's nephews are: ";

for(var x = 0; x < myArray.length; x++){

      myOutput += " " + myArray[x];



The array is declared as an object, and must use the keyword "new". The word array is a control word, and must be capitalized. The parentheses after the word array allow us to indicate the number of elements (items) in the array. If we leave it empty, the array is made longer as we add more items.

The items are added as "elements" of the array, and are associated with a number, starting at zero. Zero based arrays can be confusing, but since computers all start to count at zero, the first number, making 9 the 10th number in our decimal numbering system. The example above uses a for loop to show all the elements in the array in an alert. Note that the element of the array can be accessed one at a time, using the array number, in this case x represents the number.

We are able to easily add or subtract items from our array, and to be able to keep the code consistent in this way.

Random Numbers: To be able to have more fun with arrays, we will first use the following function to generate random numbers:

function randomNum(n){
var myNum = Math.floor(Math.random()*(n+1));
return myNum

var myRandomNum = randomNum(5);

alert("My random number is: " + myRandomNum);

This function uses built in JavaScript functions to generate a random number. Our function "encapsulates" (wraps) the JavaScript function, and makes it easier for us to access it's abilities. When we use it to generate a random number, we only need to declare a variable, and equate it to the function, and pass a number into the function (in this case 5). This will generate a random number between 0 and 5. The number passed to the function will be the maximum.

Once we have generated a random number, we can use this number with an array to display a random "message of the day" or in our case, a "quote" to display to the user:

myNum++var quoteArray = new Array();

quoteArray[0] = "A stitch in time saves nine.";
quoteArray[1] = "Four score and 7 years ago.";
quoteArray[2] = "For whom the bell tolls.";
quoteArray[3] = "There once was a man from Calcutta.";
quoteArray[4] = "To thine own self be true";

var x = randomNum(5);

alert("Today's quote is: " + quoteArray[x]);

This code is useful for generating random script, or images, so the user sees more dynamic page content on your site. We will work later with date oriented code, since content that appears or disappears on subsequent reloads of a page could be annoying to a user. That would make this code more useful for an image swap, for example, for an advertisement, etc.


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