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It was April of 1992 when we had our first draft. Everyone wanted Cal, who had just had his MVP year. 46 doubles, 34 homers, 114 RBIs and batted .323. No shortstop could ever do that!

I thought I had it made. I didn't have the first overall (Cal) pick but I had drafted a third baseman in the first round who in 1991 had 34 doubles, 38 homers 117 RBIs and even stole 30 bases. You would think you would remember a third baseman with numbers like that. I sure do. His name was Howard Johnson. I think he hit about 5 more homers and batted about .220 for the rest of his career. Just about wrecked my team.

Our league grew out of a fantasy football and fantasy basketball league. In fact, it was the association with fantasy football that made our league the way it is today. Instead of having accumulated stats, like a rotisserie league, we all liked the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat on a weekly basis. When we adapted the weekly head to head battle and starting lineup aspects to fantasy baseball, we knew we had the right combination. (See RULES)

This page will grow in the coming years. Baseball is steeped in tradition and history, and it is nostalgic to look back at the years, even through the eyes of our fantasy baseball league. This page will be the doorway to all our old records. The champions, the recordbooks, the hall of fame, the hall of shame, yearbooks, rosters, original drafts, all star teams, draft day gems, manager profiles and more.

I dedicate this site to Sara, without whom all I do would not be possible.

Bill N.

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