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" The difference between a job and a career is the difference between forty and sixty hours a week. " Robert Frost

What jobs are there and how do I get one?: Just as the web followed print media, many jobs involving web writing start from print writing jobs.

Fiction/Non-Fiction: Potentially anyone can make a career of writing, if the writing is done in a compelling manner. JK Rowling was unemployed and living on state benefits when she completed 'Harry Potter'!

The Press: Newspapers require many writers on a daily basis. The news publishing business derives it's nickname from the original printing press which used pressure to imprint ink on the page. Newspapers are commonly journals of current news.

Journalism is a discipline of gathering, analyzing, verifying, and presenting information regarding current events, trends, issues and people. News-oriented journalism was described as the "first draft of history".

A reporter is a type of journalist who researches and presents information in newspapers or other media.

Reporters have gone under cover, been embedded in war scenarios and have died pursuing their news stories: Fourth Estate

Associated Press: The Associated Press is a cooperative reporting service owned by 1,500 U.S. daily newspaper members. More than a billion people every day read, hear or see AP news.

The Associated Press (AP) started in the mid 1800s when local newspapers in the US tried to find an economical way to aquire news items overseas.

The AP sells text, photo, audio and video reports to commercial print operations and Web sites. AP News Jobs

Blogging Vs. Journalism: The advent of blogging has brought a new presence to journalism. As large corporations monopolize media, the objectivity of corporate owned journalism is suspect.

The original idea of the AP was designed to get access to news from overseas. With people being able to blog directly from inside a conflict, no one can deny the power of this medium. Blogging Vs. Journalism

Blows To Wikipedia: Blogging, like Wikipedia, however, depends on the quality of the work done by the author. There have already been items entered in Wikipedia that were erroneous, and damaging to the reputation of the format.

An anonymous biography entry on retired journalist John L. Seigenthaler Sr. in Wikipedia included several fabricated statements, including that he was thought to be involved in the assassination of the Kennedys.

The entry was not detected for four months, when Seigenthaler learned of it and had it taken down.

The author of the fake bio came forward and admitted to posting the bio as a prank meant to shock a colleague. He believed nobody took Wikipedia seriously. Seigenthaler Incident

Editors: Like to chop people's text? Like to make decisions on what to use, and what to drop? Like being in charge?

Editing is the process of preparing language, images, or sound for publication through correction, condensation, organization, and other modifications.

Once you have established yourself as a writer of some merit, it may be time to consider a career in editing.

If you become skilled at 'simplifying' other people's text, you may make a good copy editor. If you have an extensive background in the news fields, you may eventually land a job as a newspaper editor, which entails quite a bit more than 'chopping text!' The Editor's Job

Where Do I Sign Up?: Most reporter & editor jobs require experience, and may require a degree. See a sample of jobs available now: Investigative Reporters & Editors

Technical Writers: Like to write in a clear and concise manner? Like to write step by step instructions? Like to make complicated information simple? Here is an example job description of a Technical Writer

So You Wanna Be A Web Writer? The authors of our book have some advice!: So You Wanna Be A Web Writer

Here are some writing job resources: Sunoasis Poewar WriterGazette


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