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Welcome to WEB160, Writing For The Web

Test #2 now available! Login for Details.



Welcome to WEB160 Writing For The Web!

06/04/2006, Sunday

Test #2, covering Readability, Authoring & Web Law is available now, and due Wednesday, 6/7/2006 at 9pm.

The due date for Assignment #7 has been changed to Monday, June 5th, end of class.

Email me, if you have questions!

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PREREQ: WEB 120 with 2.0 or better.

Don't Make Me Think!Hot Text!CLASS OVERVIEW:

Solid writing is essential for successful electronic media, from websites to e-mail newsletters.

Learn how to write compelling, reader-friendly content that stands out.

This course emphasizes teamwork and building relationships with editors, designers, producers and other professionals involved in generating content.

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