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Assignment 7 (Editing/Feedback):

For assignment 7 you will be providing specific feedback to each of your fellow students on the progress of their article.

Read the text of their draft, and view their blog to see what feedback they already have.

Grab parts of their text into notepad, and edit the text for readability based on what you have learned in the class.

If necessary, take the text (the part you are providing feedback for) into word, and see if you can improve the readability.

Once you have settled on feedback for the article, type your feedback politely into the student's blog.

Copy your feedback into a word doc, and when you are done providing positive feedback to each student linked on the student sites, post the word doc as Assignment 7.

Assignment 7 is worth 100 points, and is due Wednesday, June2nd.

Assignment 6 (First Draft):

For assignment 6 you take a first try at creating a working draft of your web article: First Draft

Work on your first draft in a simple editor, such as notepad. This way you can easily add info and not worry about formatting.

For your first draft, you will flesh out your outline. Don't be afraid to make a longer document at this point, because there will be time to edit later.

Introductions are an important part of any article. For our web article, remember that we also want to include at least a hint of our final conclusion, as we need to write in the Inverted Pyramid Style.

What's more important that a good introduction? How about a good conclusion?

Don't know where to start? Start with the great outline you created: How To Begin To Write

Once you are satisfied with your first draft, it is time to start to Revise.

Try to 'trim your text', as we did in earlier exercises. Remember we are writing for a Web Audience. As such, we need to shoot for a Readability target of 7th to 8th grade, no higher than 10th. To do this, we need to Simplify our statments. Try to make your statements Concise. Be sure to watch for these Bad Habits!

Once you have gone through your first revision, please copy your text to word, and run a Readability score on it, exactly as we did for Assignment 2! Paste a copy of your 'Style' score at the bottom of your word document, and post it on your homework page as Assignment 6 (First Draft).

NOTE: In our next Assignment we will be helping each other to revise these documents, so don't delay getting this work on the web, or there will be points off!!

Assignment 6 is worth 100 points, and is due Wednesday, May 17th at the end of class!

Assignment 5 (Article Outline):

For assignment 5 you will be researching and building an outline for your web article.

Identify your article as analytical or argumentative: Types of Articles

Write a preliminary thesis, or question that describes the gist of your article: Thesis Or Question

Research your topic by doing 'keyword' searches in Google (or some search engine) and identify possible links and info for sources. Be sure to jot the nature of the info, and the associated link in a text file. Be sure your links include material to support ALL aspects of your article: Research

Once you have collected about 2 dozen links (or more) begin to create an outline.

Once your outline is complete, place the outline, and all associated notes you have collected (links and notes) into a single word document, and link that as assignment 5 on your homework page.

Assignment 5 is worth 100 points, and is due Monday, May 8th at the end of class!

Assignment 4 (Topic Selection):

For assignment 4 you will be selecting a topic on which to write a web article.

In creating this article you will be practicing the skills we have learned, and applying them to an in-depth topic. The topic must address multiple levels of 'Bloom's Ranking Of Thought', especially to the right of the table (See AUTHORING).

The article will be more fully defined in later assignments.

The topic must be approved by me.

Assignment 4 is worth 100 points, and is due Monday, May 1st at the end of class!

Assignment 3 (Scannability HOT test):

For assignment 3 you will be critiqueing a professional website on it's scannability.

You can find instructions here: Scannability HOT test.

The Word document you will be filling out is here: Scannability HOT word doc.

When you are done filling out the scannability form, please link it to your homework page.

Assignment 3 is worth 100 points, and is due Monday, April 24th at the end of class!

Assignment 2 (Readability Exercise):

For assignment 2, you will be editing 3 articles for the web. These articles are posted on the class link called Sample Articles.

You will create 3 word documents, one for each article. The article will include a copy of the article before you edit, and 3 attempts to improve the article, in sequence, on the document.

You are required to run the 'Style' checker in MS Word to get readability scores 4 times. Once before you edit the article, and once after 3 attempts to improve the readability score.

A print screen (Alt + Print Screen) of the readability score for each step will need to be included on the word document. Please add a comment to each each attempt referring to your success, or lack thereof.

Please post links to each of the three word documents (with target='_blank') on your assignment page.

Assignment 2 is worth 100 points, and is due Monday, April 17th at the end of class!

Assignment 1 (Homework Page & Blog):

For assignment 1, you will be required to set up a 'homework' page dedicated to your WEB160 assignments. Your web page should clearly identify you, this class and your assignments.

All assignments need to be linked as 'target=_blank' from this page.

The first link on your homework page will be a link to a dedicated blog (weblog) you will set up for further assignments.

Your blog MUST allow anonymous comments, as we will be posting our web writing, and will have other class members post anonymous, yet courteous comments about our work.


NOTE: For your safety, do NOT divulge any personal or revealing information on your blog!

Once your homework page and blog are completed, please login to the class website, follow the link called 'Student Profile' and enter your homework link into the text field called 'Homework URL'.

Assignment 1 is worth 100 points, and is due Wednesday, April 5th!


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