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Class Lecture Audio Files

Below are links to audio files of many of our class lectures. The files are about 8-10MB .mp3 files. If you do not have an MP3 player, you can download one free below:

Winamp MP3 Player


File Date Notes/Subjects
JSDay1-010406.mp3 Day 1, 01/04/2006 Syllabus, testing, Server vs. Client, JavaScript History
JSDay2-010906.mp3 Day 2, 01/09/2006 Basic JS syntax, troubleshooting, operators, alert boxes, data types, variables
JSDay3-011106.mp3 Day 3, 01/11/2006 Troubleshooting, If/then, escape characters, operators, using the date object to vary page on time of day
JSDay4-011806.mp3 Day 4, 01/18/2006 Navigator object, for/in structure, rollovers, assignment 1 explained
JSDay5-012306.mp3 Day 5, 01/23/2006 Arrays, browser version sniffing, Assignment 1 hints
JSDay6-013006.mp3 Day 6, 01/30/2006 Working with strings, stringTest.htm explained, built linkArray1.htm in class
JSDay7-020106.mp3 Day 7, 02/01/2006 BOM vs. DOM (Browser Object Model vs. Document Object Model) Creating functions from existing code, objectSniffer.htm built in class
JSDay8-020606.mp3 Day 8, 02/06/2006 Beginning forms: element names, values & types
JSDay9-020806.mp3 Day 9, 02/08/2006 Form validation: string handling
JSDay10-021306.mp3 Day 10, 02/13/2006 Advanced form validation: Radio buttons, checkboxes, select options
JSDay11-021506.mp3 Day 11, 02/15/2006 Compound functions, JS include files, Assignment 3 hints & strategies
JSDay12-022206.mp3 Day 12, 02/22/2006 Cookies, Assignment 3 hints & strategies
JSDay13-022706.mp3 Day 13, 02/27/2006 DOM Intro, Assignment 3 handout, Assignment 4 introduced
JSDay14-030106.mp3 Day 14, 03/01/2006 Positioning, Assignment 4 class discussion
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