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Sample Paragraphs

" I try to leave out the parts that people skip." Elmore James

Editing Paragraphs: Below are some sample paragraphs on which to practice our 'honing' skills in class. Edit these, and we will compare our results.

5B: Blow up nominalizations and noun trains.

  • Our utilization of pickaxes meant an expansion of the trench.

  • Accomplishment of evaluation of grabbability capacity must be achieved by our group, for each tire.

  • Reductive sizing guarantees minimal weight-related scores.

  • Quickness in doors reduces congested foyers, at crowded exits.

  • Quality control standards publication processes must experience improvement.

  • Industry academy interchange nurturance deserves a supporting attitude.

  • The evolution of a method for the embedment of module function objects into code designed to run on handheld computers has the effect that we will see many more "smart" distance area cell phones, remote controls, and personal assistants.

  • The office design management worksheet user manual

  • It is our request that upon your return a review be conducted on all vendor submissions, and a report prepared with recommendations for a two-vendor runoff competition.

  • Solids dewatering pump technology services

  • Lime water softening applications support

  • Waterway ice-breaking services planning meeting

  • Alien mass migration interdiction effort

  • Sustainability of these fishing areas is ensured through region fishery management planning consultation, with the result that a Fisheries Management Plan is produced. The Coast Guard is responsible for FMP enforcement at sea as well as enforcement of laws for the protection of marine mammals and endangered species.

  • "The high-yield portfolio write-off and mark-down losses announcement today reflects the continued deterioration of the high-yield portfolio and losses associated with selling certain bonds,'' the company said.

  • The innovation history of our world-class fashion emporium includes the creation of the preppy look, all-wool worsted double-stretch fabric, and button-down collar shirt apparel.

  • The network protocol analysis lists affect the detection extraction prevention sequence.

  • The walkthrough code design review process includes the usability research standards recommendations

5D: Surface the Agent and Action:

  • A field of color which is varied along the line which can be constructed between the start and end coordinates, if you will, and is or can be extended indefinitely, perpendicular to that original line, is defined by this type of shading.

  • The packet can be identified by the user by the coding on the side.

  • The damage was caused by the water seepage, which was begun when the faucet was turned on and left on, by the night manager.

  • If a UNIX system is being booted from another computer over a LAN, the operator should be assured that the LAN cables are correctly connected, terminated at each end with a 50 ohm terminator, but connected to computers by T-connectors, these being placed within the length of the cabling, not at the ends, and that the remote boot daemon is running on the source system.

  • The data in the warehouse is confirmed to be subject-oriented, integrated, non-volatile, and time-variant. Topics such as customers, employees, vendors, products are to be defined as subject-oriented information. Integration is the pulling together of data from multiple systems, which may not be in agreement in defining terms. These disagreements must be resolved by the operator. Whatever data is included in the warehouse must be time coded, so that studies can be run on historical (5 to 10 years old) and current information. Generally, the last 90 days worth of transactions can be considered current, and earlier transactions must be summarized, because the volume is too great to store and access all of them; on the other hand, customer data can be preserved going back ten years. All the data in the warehouse is non-volatile, too, because it is a kind of snapshot of information in other databases, caught once a day, once a week, or once a month, and the warehouse itself is read-only.

  • The original fruit stand was set up in 1925 by the Cappucino family. In 1945, the store in Greenwich Village was opened by Louis Cappucino, and gourmet foods were imported from around the world.

5E: Make A Positive Statement.

  • Major Williams was accused of making comments that were not true.

  • We must make sure that our sales people do not act in an unprofessional manner.

  • The ship date will not be met if Quality Control fails to approve the current version.

  • If Quality Control approves the current version, we will ship on time.

  • You cannot re-establish your connection without signing off.

  • You must not skip a required field in the registration form, or else your submission will not go through and will not be accepted.

  • That door is not alarmed, so your security installation team needs to correct that omission promptly, without disrupting traffic.

  • Our representatives do not stay in the office for long, and they do not use one system for long, so location does not prevent anyone from creating or requesting information. Universal networking does not mean each person learns more, because that person may not be able to swim through the torrents of information pouring in, while adding his or her buckets to the flow. In addition, no one will be able to tell which item is top priority, if they have too little time to read each article, so who knows which article to read first? This situation is the reverse of knowledge management, because we lack components that help create, organize, filter, and route information through the organization.

  • (Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) is not the same as Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), even though the terms are not very different, and they both use databases. OLTP handles thousands of transactions at once, going to the database to retrieve records, insert new ones, update old ones, and delete a few. But OLAP just analyzes that data. OLTP, then, is not a decision support system; and OLAP is not an operational support system. OLAP is not concerned with efficiencies of time, money, and resources, and OLTP is not concerned with improved value in decisions, service, sales, processing, and revenue flow. Without OLTP OLAP could not exist. But OLTP can exist without any OLAP.

  • The Coast Guard has issued a heavy surf advisory, cautioning mariners and people on shore not to be caught off guard and swept into the ocean, during expected high winds and breaking surf close to 20 feet. Mariners ought not to forget to have adequate life vests, flares, and communication devices. You should not walk along the shore without paying attention to the developing weather and waves. During the month of November, eleven people were washed into the sea along the Northern California coast, and four were not recovered, and are now considered drowned.


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